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Seiko commonly used frequency is 32.768KHZ, so Seiko Crystal is usually also known as Seiko crystal. Life in the mobile phone application to the chip crystal Seiko SC-12S crystal is already about to become inevitable, high-end smart wear equipment and a variety of modules such as microcomputer, in the latter part of the time, will use this small size 1.2 * 1.0 * 0.4mm crystal. Ultra-thin small patch crystal. Beimi material is also small, suitable for use in high-density surface mount, it uses plastic mold package design, with highly reliable tubular quartz crystal, providing the frequency of 32.768KHZ, load capacitance of 6.0pF or 12.5pF

Seiko has the world's top mechanical technology. In addition to the world famous quartz watch manufacturers, but also the production of computer printers. Do electronic components, in the quartz oscillator in this respect, Seiko SEIKO is also doing very well. Seiko production of quartz crystal model is not a lot, but the quality can be and Nissan any big brand "comparable."